To help encourage creative thinking and develop your child’s critical thinking skills ask your child open ended questions about their artwork. Open ended questions will help support your child’s efforts rather than if you said “good job” or “that is beautiful”. Plus, you may be surprised at their answers.


10 Questions to Ask Your Child About Their Artwork:

1. What can you tell me about your picture?

2. What materials did you use?

3. Where did you get your idea?

4. What is your favorite part of the picture?

5. What title would you give this picture?

6. If you were doing this picture again what you change or do differently?

7. Why did you use the color… (insert color)?

8. What if…. (you had used the color red instead of blue or paint instead of pencil)?

9.  How did you….(make these lines, decide on these colors, or create that shape)?

10. If you had more time what would you add to your artwork?

Why Art?

Art encourages higher order thought processes that are different than many traditional academics. In art, there is no one correct answer. Therefore, the student is forced to analyze the problem given to them and come up with their own unique solution. For many students, especially those who learn in nontraditional ways, art classes offer them a greater chance to excel in school. Art also enhances a student's perceptions.  Artists tend to be more observant, conscious people. Art allows students to express themselves and it can boost self esteem. As students gain independence and figure out who they are, being able to express themselves through art provides a wonderful outlet.

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